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in cooperation with
Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia and
International Center for Mathematical Modelling in Physics,
Engineering, Economy and Cognitive Sc., Vaxjo University, Sweden

The Third International Conference on p-Adic Mathematical Physics:
From Planck scale physics to complex systems to biology

(Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia, October 1–6, 2007)

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  • V. Anashin, Noncommutative algebraic dynamics (pdf file)
  • V. Avetisov, A. Bikulov, S. Kozyrev, V. Osipov, A. Zubarev in cooperation with V. Ivanov and A. Chertovich, New results in applications of p-adic pseudo-differential equations to the protein dynamics (ppt file)
  • Ya. Belopolskaya (joint with S. Albeverio), Stochastic processes in $Q_p$ associated (pdf file)
  • T. Digernes, V. S. Varadarajan, D. Weisbart, Matrix Valued Schrödinger Operators on Local Fields (pdf file)
  • B. Dragovich, A. Dragovich, Towards p-Adic Genomics (ppt file)
  • K. Kamizono, $p$-adic Brownian Motion over $\mathbb Q_p$ (pdf file)
  • S. V. Kozyrev, p-Adic numbers in genetics (pdf file)
  • F. Murtagh, From Data to the p-Adic or Ultrametric Model (pdf file)
  • F. Murtagh, Very high dimensional spaces are of simple structure (pdf file)
  • V. Shelkovich (jointly with A. Yu. Khrennikov), p-Adic wavelets and their application to linear and nonlinear pseudo-differential evolutionary equations (pdf file)
  • O. G. Smolyanov, N. N. Shamarov, Формулы Фейнмана и интегралы по траекториям в рамках p-адического анализа (in Russian, pdf file)
  • M. Skopina (jointly with V. Shelkovich), p-Adic refinable functions and MRA-based wavelets (pdf file)
  • R. G. Stepanov, Critical exponent $\nu$ in hierarchical models (pdf file)
  • Z. Rakic (joint work with B. Dragovich), Path integrals for quadratic Lagrangians on real, p-adic, and adelic spaces (pdf file)
  • V. S. Vladimirov, Boundary-value problems for open and closed p-adic strings theory (pdf file)
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