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Russian Academy of Sciences
Steklov Mathematics Institute
in cooperation with
Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia and
International Center for Mathematical Modelling in Physics,
Engineering, Economy and Cognitive Sc., Vaxjo University, Sweden

The Third International Conference on p-Adic Mathematical Physics:
From Planck scale physics to complex systems to biology

(Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia, October 1–6, 2007)

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Visa procedure

After we receive your registration form, our company-agent sends you the voucher which enables you to apply for a visa at the nearest consulate of the Russian Federation in your country. Even if you apply for visa via a travel company make sure that our voucher is attached by the company to your application. Upon that condition our agent is responsible for all registration formalities in Moscow.

The filled registration forms have to get the Organizing Committee before August'31, 2007. Also we kindly ask you and your accompanying persons to send us the copy of the passport pages with the photo and the passport data. Ones need to prepare the official invitation for Russian visa. Ones can be sent by E-mail with attached file(s) (PREFERABLY), or by fax, or else by regular mail.

We hope that the scan copies of your passport pages with the data and the photo of the owner will be appriopriate. So we kindly ask you to pay attention to the quality of these copies.

Please note that you have to apply for the touristic visa.



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